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We snagged some goodies at the Carrboro CD and Record Show over the weekend – “Exile on Main Street,” some Tim Buckley, an original Velvet Underground “White Light, White Heat,” original Seeds, and many more. These LPs are highly-desired and won’t last long – especially when we’re practically giving them away for the same price – or just a few bucks more – than what we paid.

In addition, there’s some killer classics that we’ve pulled out of stock: Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and dozens more.

Our vinyl sales are continuing to grow more and more each week. Thanks for supporting us and we’ll see you soon!


Fresh new inventory from the latest and greatest blowers across North Carolina is what differentiates us from your typical shop. In addition to traditional spoons, chillums, bubblers and tubes, we support local artists by bringing in their heady work that they’ve toiled over for days.

Just recently, we picked up some killer work from Asheville and Hendersonville. There truly is something about the mountains that inspires blowers to do some unique pieces of art. The work is phenomenal.

If interested, send us an email or call 919-286-1916.