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Vaporizers are becoming more and more popular each day. It’s a much healthier way of smoking. Plus, the devices pay for themselves, as it takes you less product to get to your desired state of relaxation.

We carry many different kinds, both portable and home-base units. Our favorites are these American-made units:



Quite the impressive device. Fits in the palm of your hand, features three heat settings, switches to idle when it hasn’t been used and provides a lung-filling hit each and every draw. Easy to clean. And your product will never taste better. It is a premium vaporizer, well worth the retail price.
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Magic Flight Launch Box


One of the smallest hand-held herbal vaporizer on the market. Uses a rechargeable AA battery. Easy to use, featuring one standard heat setting. And it heats up your product in just few seconds. A popular device because of its retail price, but also because it carries a lifetime warranty.
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Da Buddha


A whip-style home-base unit, this is our favorite unit for home. A sleek design with a temperature dial to heat your product to your desired temperature. We love this far more than any other bag-style vaporizer, which can have your favorite herbal blend tasting stale. The Da Buddha provides one the best fresh-tasting hits on the market.
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$189.95 (silver) 209.95 (black)